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Center for Detoxification and Psychiatry offers three distinct programs. We offer state-of-the-art detoxification programs with over 20 years of safe and effective treatment experience. Each of our outpatient programs are customized to address each patient’s own individual and unique needs.

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All information is kept confidential. Please let us know if you would like more information on Chronic Pain, prescription medication dependence or Illicit/street drug dependence.

What our patients have to say

Patient Testimonials
  • I am able to get on with my life as normal.
    “I first received therapy at CPRx to relieve back pain. I have tried to speak about the effects the medication they used has on pain in the mind; not just body pain. It has kept me out of the hospital for depression. I don’t understand how it works, I just know it does. My husband says it is magic.”

    L. S.
  • My pain, my addiction, my problems are over.
    “I used heroin for years. At first, it controlled genuine pain from injuries. Then I used just to feel good. Finally, I used “just to feel normal.” CPRx has helped. I stopped using one night and had an appointment the next morning. This is miraculous. I have no need and no cravings. My problems are over.”

    J. C.
  • The pain stopped and I was still thinking clearly.
    “I was told I would need at least one surgery for knee replacement and injections of cortisone for the rest of my life because of a progressive arthritic condition. Afraid of narcotics. I tried Buprenex with the doctor supervising. I was amazed. In 15 minutes my pain was gone. I was thinking clearly. Over the next month, I quit my other medications, returned to work, and began to feel like myself again.”

    S. L.