1. What do CPRx physicians prescribe for chronic pain?

The physicians at CPRx prescribe Buprenorphine HCL medications for your documented chronic pain problem. CPRx physicians do not prescribe classic pain medications such as Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Fioricet, Duragesic®, Opana®, Morphine or Dilaudid®.

2. Do you offer other alternative therapy for chronic pain?

Our physicians work with outside medical agencies to provide adjunct treatment to your Family Physician, Internal Practice Clinician, Chiropractor or any other doctor. We receive many referrals from Primary Care Physicians. When requested, our physicians will report your progress to your Primary Care or Specialty Clinician.

3. What is the cost for an initial evaluation and treatment?

The initial charge is $285.00. This includes medications for one week. The costs for follow-up visits are $100.00. The cost for dispensed medications is additional.

4. How do I obtain the ordered medications?

You have the option of buying some of your medications from our on-site dispensary. You may also take our prescriptions to a local retail pharmacy. Many patients report that our dispensary offers a better choice of generic and brand medications.

5. Are you able to prescribe other medications?

If there is a medical necessity for other medications, these are prescribed as well. It is not uncommon for our chronic pain patients to require medications for depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances or work shift disorders.

6. What other services does CPRx offer?

Advanced Medical offers other specialty services: pain management, mental health, detoxification, and hormone therapy.

7. What does the Center for Psychiatry offer?

Knowledgeable, expert medications and therapy. We prescribe the necessary medication(s) to make a person well.

8. How does a patient qualify for the detoxification program?

If the medications you are taking no longer have the desired effect and if an abrupt cessation of the medication causes physical withdrawal and/or mental anguish, you would be a candidate. Pregnant woman who would want an alternative to Methadone.

9. What are the costs associated with a detoxification program?

The Center for Detoxification offers many specific and different detoxification programs. Generally, costs include the office visit and medications prescribed during a set period of time. For example, the approximate cost for a patient starting their detoxification from Oxycodone® is: $200 for the initial visit, plus $85.00 for medications, $25.00 for a urine toxicology. Additional costs for “prior authorizations” requests or probation evaluations may increase the cost. Once stable, your costs diminish. The follow-up M.D. fee is $100.00 plus your medications that can be as little as $2.50 per day.

10. Specifically, how do you treat someone addicted to heroin?

We need to gather some information about your history of drug use. You will be required to visit the office and complete your paperwork and make a deposit of $100.00. Your requirements to be part of our sublingual buprenorphine medication program shall be reviewed and an appointment shall be set.

Although acute detoxification is completed within 7-10 days, the patient utilizes the medication for at least 6 weeks. Many patients utilize the medication for longer periods of time. You will make that decision with your treating clinician.

11. What do you do if I am addicted to pills, like Oxycontin® or Dilaudid®

The physicians at CPRx utilize buprenorphine hydrochloride medications when a person becomes tolerant or addicted to classic pain pills or heroin. The M.D’s are state licensed and DEA certified to prescribe Buprenorphine Hydrochloride products. The amount of Buprenorphine prescribed (Zubsolv®, Suboxone®, Bunavail®, Subutex®, Butro®) depends on your rate of healing and your approved treatment plan.

12. I am suffering with anxiety or depression.

Our staff has treated mental health conditions for over 30 years. The Center for Psychiatry provides compassionate care and medication management utilizing all FDA approved psychotropic medications. Brief psychotherapy is offered as needed.

13. How soon can I schedule an appointment?

You may schedule an appointment immediately, and can be seen within that week. The on-call clinician is available after hours.

14. What are your hours of operation?

We are open Tuesday-Thursday, 9am – 4pm. And close on Fridays at 3pm, Eastern Time. Office hours may vary. Please call our office: 1-951-9300

15. Can I speak to a health care provider before coming in?

Yes, there are many opportunities to review your clinical picture by phone prior to your first on-site visit. For more information, please contact us. You may also email requests for information to: info@cprx.net.

16. Is your program confidential and does it follow HIPAA regulations?

Our out-patient, physician-directed medication programs are completely confidential and discreet. For more information, please read our legal disclaimer by clicking on this link: Legal Disclaimer.

17. Does your medical office deal with people with alcohol problems?

Yes, we have over 20 years in the treatment of alcoholism and alcohol related illnesses. Our physicians have a specific protocol for the treatment of acute withdrawal from alcohol. There are new medications on the market that now block the effects of alcohol and other medications that stop the craving of alcohol. Alcoholic Anonymous is also recommended and available locally for support.

18. Do you offer evaluations required from a Probation Officer?

We have completed many mental health and/or drug abuse evaluations for the Criminal Justice System. You will need to bring in your probation requirements, summary of your arrest, and the name, address and fax number of the supervising probation officer. Your evaluation will be completed within the week and faxed and mailed to that Officer.

19.What is this buprenorphine lozenge that is prescribed at the CPRx office?

The sublingual lozenge named Butro® is a compounded medication used for patients who have documented chronic pain and have developed an over-use or abuse of classic opioids to deal with their pain problems. The medication is offered as an alternative to other pain medications like Belbucca®. It is generally less expensive, and in our opinion, is very effective for the control of chronic pain.

20. Why do you not write multiple renewals for my medication?

It is in the best interest of the patient and the physician to consult with each other every month. Renewals requests from retail pharmacies will not be honored. A charge for your follow-up office visit is customary in order for your medications to be renewed each month. There may be other requirements each month.

21. Why do I get charged a fee when I call to cancel my appointment?

The office has a finite number of appointments. Common courtesy is to call the office at least 24 hours in advance when you are not able to make your scheduled appointment. Patients enrolled in our Outpatient Buprenorphine Program must follow the schedule for visits as this is mandated by the office and other regulatory agencies.

22. Why do I have to sign the Medication Management Agreement?

This agreement outlines all of your responsibilities and requirements to be a patient of Advanced Medical – CPRx. By signing this agreement, you have stated that you understand the rules and protocols involved with your use and control of your prescribed medication. The agreement also provides a reference point for patient and doctor regarding the prescribed treatment plan.

23. When the office closes, who responds to questions?

There is an on-call clinician that responds to questions. Simply call the office phone number and that number is forwarded to the cell phone of the person on-call for that time period. That person should be able to respond to any question you have. These calls are usually answered until 9pm. Calls regarding cancellations or appointments shall not be accepted by the on-call clinician.

24. How do I know that I am getting treatment at a credible facility?

Our physicians and clinicians have over 100 years of combined time and effort in the medical treatment of patients. Additionally, Advanced Medical, the company, was a pioneer and one of the first medical offices to utilize buprenorphine hydrochloride in Florida and in fact, the entire USA, for the detoxification from opioids.

25. Will Advanced Medical offer other Programs in the future?

Yes we have been educated in Hormone Replacement Therapy, and will soon be offering this Program to qualified individuals. Lab work shall be required.