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Chronic Pain

All patients who enter into our Chronic Pain Medication Program are suffering with a documented chronic pain condition. Your documentation, per regulation, is part of your medical record. As your condition changes, additional documentation and examination results become available. These are documented and become part of your official medical record. MRI, radiology reports, surgical procedures and diagnoses by other primary care or specialty physicians are placed into your medical record. By providing this documentation of your condition, injury, or illness related to your chronic pain condition, you will qualify for medication.

Your chronic pain condition documentation must be presented during your first visit. The staff will request your signature for acknowledgment and permission to add the documentation to your medical records. With your permission, other significant medical documentation may need to be obtained from previous treating physicians. There is a form that you sign to request this information to be sent to our office.

Our physicians have been educated in respect to prescribing medications that cause some of the side effects that may occur when using classic opioids such as Oxycontyn®, Fentynyl®, Opana®, and Methadone®. Although, these medications have proven to be extremely effective in many chronic pain disorders, our physicians think that the negative side effects outweigh the positive outcomes. For our patients, our first line of controlling chronic pain is to utilize a form of Burprenorphine Hydrochloride.

If you find that Buprenorphine is ineffective to treat your chronic pain condition, our physicians will refer you to another physician who specializes in pain management. There is no guarantee that any physician will prescribe classic opioids. Our prescribing clinicians do not prescribe classic opioids for the treatment of pain.

*Please note: Our physicians do not prescribe OxyContin®, Methadone®, Fentynl® or Opana®. Our medication management agreement outlines specific rules that a patient must follow in order to receive your renewal medications. Many of these requirements are explained during the pre-admission process. Once you have become a patient, all of our protocols and the rules governing the responsibilities of both physician and patient will be provided and made clear to ensure your understanding.

There may be other options to receive a renewal of medications. For instance, if you are required to leave your home address for an emergency, or a business trip, then arrangements shall be made to ensure your renewal medication is obtained by you or a significant other. Please see Administration, for these options.

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