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Outpatient Detoxification

Our physicians provide several different detoxification programs. Detoxification frees patients from dependence or tolerance to all types of medication and/or substances. The most common medications that cause tolerance are either anti-anxiety medications, sleeping pills or opioids such as OxyContin®, Percocet® or even heroin. Our treatment protocols are successful and will not result in uncomfortable explanations, loss of work, school, or absence from other parental or required activities. Treatment is painless and affordable. Patients carry out daily responsibilities with a remarkable sense of well being, clarity, and comfort.

*Please Note:  You will be required to visit our office twice in the first 7-10 days. Your initial evaluation will be followed by your second visit, 7-10days later, to complete your urine toxicology, review your treatment plan, change any medications needed and complete prior authorizations for insurance requirements. You will also obtain your prescriptions for the upcoming month, on your second visit.

There may be other options to receive a renewal of medications. For instance, if you are required to leave your home address for an emergency, or a business trip, then arrangements shall be made to ensure your renewal medication is obtained by you or a significant other. Please see Administration, for these options.

Schedule your appointment

Schedule your appointment, and you will receive a phone consultation at that time explaining the protocols and procedures of the program. Appointments for new patients is made immediately, where a deposit is given and your paperwork is filled out. Many times, this is the same day you are going to be seen.

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