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Medication Management for Mental Health

Our mental health programs provide medication management and treatment for your mental health issues. It is not uncommon to suffer with mental health symptoms such as anxiety, sleeplessness or depression during these tough economic times. Also the stressors that you experience during the normal activities of daily living may create either short term discomfort or a chronic condition if left untreated. Additionally if you suffer with a chronic pain condition or are enrolled in a outpatient detoxification program, you may additionally suffer with a concurrent mental health issue. Although we are not psychiatrists, we have provided mental health services for over 50 years and have received many accolades, certifications and awards for our treatment of mental health conditions.

Panic disorder, manic-depressive illness, post traumatic stress, or simple issues with anxiety, depression or sleeplessness are manageable and treatable. Medication may be used for short period of time for acute situations or a person may need more intensive treatment for a mental health condition that inhibits normal functioning and may include thought process disturbances. Many medications are new and some of the tried and true medications may be prescribed to improve your condition or stop the problem all together.

For most patients, it is appropriate to obtain counseling or psychotherapy in conjunction with your medication.


*Please note: There may be a need for an in-patient hospitalization to stabilize your acute mental health problem.

There may be other options to receive a renewal of medications. For instance, if you are required to leave your home address for an emergency, or a business trip, then arrangements shall be made to ensure your renewal medication is obtained by you or a significant other. Please see Administration, for these options.

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